ipad keyboard case

ipad keyboard case

9.7 ipad keyboard case

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360° of Freedom

Transform your iPad into the ultimate viewing experience with the Flexbook from Yekbee. Type, watch, browse or chat using the patent-pending rotating design made possible by a battle-tested stainless steel hinge.

Turn iPad into Laptop (& More!)

The case seamlessly transitions from closed, protective mode, to open laptop mode, to presentation mode to flat, hidden keyboard tablet mode. The hard shell case offers considerable scratch and impact protection when closed, and opens up a world of productivity.

Infinite Viewing Angles

Flexbook adds functionality and protection to your device while adding little in terms of bulk or weight. The specially engineered hinge rotates and pivots to achieve virtually any viewing angle desired. When the case is closed in protective mode, it puts the device to sleep and allows access to all ports.

2018 ipad keyboard case

9.7 ipad keyboard

9.7 ipad keyboard case

9.7 ipad keyboard cases

Laptop-Like Typing

Forget about awkward on-screen typing. Now you can type quickly and accurately in comfort with a familiar laptop-like keyboard featuring large, well-spaced keys and 1.4mm of key travel.

10-Color Backlight

Our keyboard's backlight is engineered for optimal light diffusion in any setting. After a backlit translucent ABS keycap is covered with a dye material to make the surface completely opaque, a laser etches the character into the surface to allow light to shine through.

iPadOS Shortcuts

No more hunting around the screen or in menus to perform simple actions. Adjust brightness, volume, media controls, and more at the touch of a key.

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